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About Us

Some Ideas Are Meant to Be!!!!!

Who we are
Already a well-established name in the graphic design industry, Engraved Designs is making an explosive entrance to the e-commence world. Since 2007, we've grown from a small business of 1 person to the powerhouse that we are today; we are one of the foremost quality designs and print marketing industry in the Southern area, due to our commitment to providing the best value in high quality design and full color printing at an affordable price. We've decided to cut out all the middlemen to bring our products straight into your homes. We brought along with us quality products, unmatched selection, incomparable pricing, and the peerless customer service that you've come to rely on over the years. Without our loyal supporters, we wouldn't be the company that we are today. What better way to show our appreciation than to offer you the products that you love, at absolutely tempting prices. Once you shop at Engraved Design, there's just no turning back. But don't take our word for it, take a look around, and just see if you can resist.

Good taste, style and grace
These are some of the words that customers often described our products. With the widest range of colors and unique selections, it's impossible not find something that will make your special event, just a little bit more wonderful. Sharp customers will immediately recognize not only are the products we offer of the highest quality, they are also of great taste as well. Your guests will marvel at the excellence and uniqueness, wishing they have found us for their event too. At Engraved Designs, you should be able to find everything you're looking for and so much more.

We're here to stay
It's difficult to know who to turn to, and who to trust when buying on the internet. You might wonder who you're dealing with when you visit different websites. You want to know if they're reliable, and how solid they are. You won't need to wonder when you do business with us. We want you to toss those worries aside, because we have a strong 8 year history behind us. We have dedicated employees with a unified vision, to absolutely please every single customer with the very best in products, prices, and service.
A faithful friend
Now that you know a little about us, we sincerely hope that you will provide us with an opportunity to be a part of your special occasion. We'd like our customers to think of us, not simply as the best in the business with unbeatable prices and selection, but as your faithful friend. We're here to listen to your every concern, and address your every need. We're always there when you need us, and just a simple click away. We're reliable, dependable, and most importantly, here to make your special occasion, just a little bit more magical than the rest.

Visit our location at 1713 Wooddale Blvd. Suite 35 Baton Rouge, LA. 70805. We're Open Monday Through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Weekends & Holidays